REVIEW – The King Blues ‘Punk & Poetry’ (Explicit) Album

The King Blues are a London based band that’s main focus is to tell the leaders of our country to jog on. As singer Jonny ‘Itch’ Fox sings, he wants to lynch the Prime Minister.

The King Blues are a true peoples band, they know how hard the streets can be and focus on telling it how it is. Their 2011 album ‘Punk and Poetry’ is an eerie and powerful album that will be sure to leave you thinking of our government and how they run things.

The opening song is a bit of a shoutout to the little people, no names mentioned but you’ll definately find something that matches up to you in Last Of The Dreamers. With a very repetitive choir like note and ska drums, it’s a bit of a mash up.

Right away you’re hit by powerful dubstep like synthesisers and reggae style rapping. We are F***ing Angry is a song about fighting back against the government cuts and uniting together to finally stand up to what’s important.

A rather jolly song about burning the world down, and starting again. That’s right, Set The World On Fire has happy melodies, sing-a-long choruses and standard drum beats. But the lyrics are about finding something brilliant and beautiful, unlike the media who only focus on the bad. I think when Itch is singing about setting the world on fire it’s a sarcastic slam at how punks can be portrayed in the newspapers.

A little out of place? Maybe. The 40’s style cabaret music that has the crackles of a dusty record is a bit of a comedown on this list. Dancehall is a song about not being able to leave the Earth as there’s somebody who keeps getting in the way.

Oh wait! Has this album took a turn from a promising set of heavy beats and ska guitars? The Future’s Not What It Used To Be does have the offbeat guitar, but it also has a lovely trumpet that’s holding the song together. The song is about not having dreams anymore, nothing to head towards or have asperations for. And he’s politely asking for the last person to ‘turn out the light.’

About two thirds of the way through this song restores hope for the rest of the album. You might want to turn your speakers down a notch for the 30 second breakout though.

I Want You is a very clever matching song to try and put into perspective how much Itch would like someone. A heartwarming rock song that is easy to grasp and sing along with. A personal favourite from the album.

Starting with a series of supermarket sounds, this song is about respecting women and how not all men are the same. Fighting back against the perfect Bruno Mars who made it impossible for a man to be realistic these days. 5 Bottles of Shampoo is straight to the point and an easy listen. Lovely melody and not too heavy drums.

Sex Education is a reggae-ska type song about accessing adult websites at such young ages is the reason for so many teenage pregnancies, it’s about how most kids are learning from porn instead of having a chat with their Dad’s. It’s hard not to have a laugh at some of the lyrics, but there’s certainly a more serious point behind the song.

Shooting Fascists is an acoustic ukulele about a Grandfather who knows how to fix all of the countrys problems from an armchair. Less than 50 seconds long, there’s not much to say about it.

Where the hell did this just come from?! I had to turn my headphones down because Headbutt is a heavy rock/punk song that includes talk of monkeys and Scarface. A power-ballad that includes rapping.

Does Anybody Care About Us? is a  rock song with catchy riffs and funky basslines, the title says it all.

Everything Happens For A Reason is a song about Itch’s experience with how he had a child. It’s a powerful rock song, that has a really nice story of meeting a girl, moving in together and his first feeling of becoming a man. It’s a lot different to the other songs on the album, but it’s a fantastic ending.

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REVIEW – Frank Turner ‘England Keep My Bones’ Album

Frank Turner is a well established, self confessed English country singer. Frank is constantly touring so it must be hard to find time to write new material and email every fan back. Frank Turner has been on the rise since early 2010, following the release of his 2009 album “Poetry of the Deed.”

Mid 2011, Frank released his fourth album “England Keep My Bones” in which he sings about Rock ‘n Roll saving the world and having dreams about Bob Dylan. In Eulogy, Turner sings about how we were meant to grow up to sing and drink. He throws away the fantasies of being a king or an astronaut and sets an atmosphere for the whole album with the line ‘at least I fucking tried.’

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The evening shift, and Star Wars

I hate working an evening shift. It seems that all I will do today is sit around and wait for the last hour before I have to get a shower and put my black shirt on. It’s horrible not being able to do anything with your day, i’d love to do something productive and worthwhile.

Here I am again, sat infront of my computer listneing to the same album on repeat, blogging about nothing and contemplating opening the blinds. The weather today is miserable and I’d rather just lie in bed and watch Star Wars.

Star Wars Episode I is being released in RealD 3D in February. Considering it’s obvious that it will do quite well, it’s a second certainty that they will release ALL of the films in 3D. So, why couldn’t they release them in the right order? The order that they were released after A New Hope was released in ’77. The little things in life bug me, and I’m sure they will continue to. I will go to watch Episode I in 3D, as will anybody else who has ever watched Star Wars.


Why do people have cushions on couches?

I have asked a few close friends and they all agree that cushions are pointless. When you sit down, you can’t sit comfortable enough with the cushions so you pop them on the floor, and then when you get up you have to put them back on the couch to avoid the argument with your mother in the evening. I still live with my parents but I know that my girlfriend agrees with me that we will not have cushions when we live together.

I know this is a strange topic, but it’s something that has bugged me for a long time – I feel that they’re evil, that they’re there to get inbetween you and whoever you’re with. The only plus side would be if you were sitting next to a particullay smelly person, you could build your own little wall to block them from you.

I’d love to know your opinion, so please tell me in the comments. Especially people who own their own couches and decided to put cushions on them.

Twitter is depressing. Sickipedia is lame. Facebook can fuck off.

Even though recently there have been a few deaths (the likes of Gary Speed, Ken Russell) I cant help bit feel that people posting their over-the-top tweets as their memory of somebody somewhat annoying. There are usually multiple trending topics about the same person, that is if Twitter can squeeze them in amongst the ridiculous amount of One Direction and Justin Beiber TT’s. If you think about it, you have probably learnt some news by reading the trends on Twitter, I’m pretty sure thats how I found out Amy Winehouse had died, well that and all of the related jokes on Sickipedia. On the subject, why has Sickipedia become a normal website to visit? Is it the lack of moderation? Or the need to laugh at something that the community outside of the internet would be disgusted at? I’m a daily visitor but I can’t help feel the jokes are getting a bit tedious. The dead baby and rape jokes are old now, and stop posting about 9/11 already, it’s been 10 years now, we’ve thought of everything.
Facebook has become the place that most adults are heading to now. Sorry, Twitter. It’s probably for the reason that they can keep an eye on their old friends and make sure they’re not succeeding to much in life. Facebook stalking is easily done, you can see right back to a persons first post if you can be bothered scrolling that much. Facebook levels with Twitter on the boring repetitive statuses level but I guess thats down to boring friends. Dont look forward to the day your family join Facebook. Personally, my mother is brilliant and just leaves me to it. Some of my family like to stalk my page and bring up a fuss if I’ve had an ounce of fun. Much like this blog, I havent told my family about Twitter, so at least I can post what I want to there.

I have arrived.

I know I’m a little behind, but I’ve bitten the bullet and set up a blog.

My posts are going to be a bit scattered, i’ll be posting about my life and even doing the odd review here and there.
If you’re easily offended, I would probably stay away from here as I voice my opinion quite openly – but, it is only one mans opinion.

Some people may think it’s a load of pretentious wank, and some people might just like it because it’s a bit different.’ – Matthew Bellamy