Twitter is depressing. Sickipedia is lame. Facebook can fuck off.

Even though recently there have been a few deaths (the likes of Gary Speed, Ken Russell) I cant help bit feel that people posting their over-the-top tweets as their memory of somebody somewhat annoying. There are usually multiple trending topics about the same person, that is if Twitter can squeeze them in amongst the ridiculous amount of One Direction and Justin Beiber TT’s. If you think about it, you have probably learnt some news by reading the trends on Twitter, I’m pretty sure thats how I found out Amy Winehouse had died, well that and all of the related jokes on Sickipedia. On the subject, why has Sickipedia become a normal website to visit? Is it the lack of moderation? Or the need to laugh at something that the community outside of the internet would be disgusted at? I’m a daily visitor but I can’t help feel the jokes are getting a bit tedious. The dead baby and rape jokes are old now, and stop posting about 9/11 already, it’s been 10 years now, we’ve thought of everything.
Facebook has become the place that most adults are heading to now. Sorry, Twitter. It’s probably for the reason that they can keep an eye on their old friends and make sure they’re not succeeding to much in life. Facebook stalking is easily done, you can see right back to a persons first post if you can be bothered scrolling that much. Facebook levels with Twitter on the boring repetitive statuses level but I guess thats down to boring friends. Dont look forward to the day your family join Facebook. Personally, my mother is brilliant and just leaves me to it. Some of my family like to stalk my page and bring up a fuss if I’ve had an ounce of fun. Much like this blog, I havent told my family about Twitter, so at least I can post what I want to there.


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