Why do people have cushions on couches?

I have asked a few close friends and they all agree that cushions are pointless. When you sit down, you can’t sit comfortable enough with the cushions so you pop them on the floor, and then when you get up you have to put them back on the couch to avoid the argument with your mother in the evening. I still live with my parents but I know that my girlfriend agrees with me that we will not have cushions when we live together.

I know this is a strange topic, but it’s something that has bugged me for a long time – I feel that they’re evil, that they’re there to get inbetween you and whoever you’re with. The only plus side would be if you were sitting next to a particullay smelly person, you could build your own little wall to block them from you.

I’d love to know your opinion, so please tell me in the comments. Especially people who own their own couches and decided to put cushions on them.


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