The evening shift, and Star Wars

I hate working an evening shift. It seems that all I will do today is sit around and wait for the last hour before I have to get a shower and put my black shirt on. It’s horrible not being able to do anything with your day, i’d love to do something productive and worthwhile.

Here I am again, sat infront of my computer listneing to the same album on repeat, blogging about nothing and contemplating opening the blinds. The weather today is miserable and I’d rather just lie in bed and watch Star Wars.

Star Wars Episode I is being released in RealD 3D in February. Considering it’s obvious that it will do quite well, it’s a second certainty that they will release ALL of the films in 3D. So, why couldn’t they release them in the right order? The order that they were released after A New Hope was released in ’77. The little things in life bug me, and I’m sure they will continue to. I will go to watch Episode I in 3D, as will anybody else who has ever watched Star Wars.


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One response to “The evening shift, and Star Wars”

  1. Karen says :

    I can’t wait to see the Star Wars saga in 3D, specially the Pod Race from the EP1 oooooo 😉

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