REVIEW – Frank Turner ‘England Keep My Bones’ Album

Frank Turner is a well established, self confessed English country singer. Frank is constantly touring so it must be hard to find time to write new material and email every fan back. Frank Turner has been on the rise since early 2010, following the release of his 2009 album “Poetry of the Deed.”

Mid 2011, Frank released his fourth album “England Keep My Bones” in which he sings about Rock ‘n Roll saving the world and having dreams about Bob Dylan. In Eulogy, Turner sings about how we were meant to grow up to sing and drink. He throws away the fantasies of being a king or an astronaut and sets an atmosphere for the whole album with the line ‘at least I fucking tried.’

Peggy Sang The Blues is a heart touching song about his grandmother who was ‘willing to feed a 10 year old boy hard liquor in order to win a game of cards… that wasn’t even for money.’ Turner writes that it doesn’t matter where you come from and it only matters where you go in life. It’s a lovely song that is sure to lift your sprits and force you to sing along.

Frank quite openly talks about his disbelief in God (as you’ll understand if you listen to Glory Hallelujah) and he quite openly talks about his belief in only ‘guitars, drums and desperate poetry.’ He sings about never having to be alone if you believe in Rock n Roll. With the upbeat nature of I Still Believe, yet slightly predictable, it’s as straight to the point as they get.

We’re dealing with a very proud English man here, in the song Rivers he chases the shoreline and talks about his travel, with very soft voices and repetitive fiddle type riffs, this is certainly a sing along that could bring a tear to a countryman’s eye.

If you’ve ever had a strange dream then you’ll understand where these song lyrics are derived from. I Am Disappeared is what you make of it, but it has to have something to do with not being able to sleep and having one night stands. In this song you hear about his love for Bob Dylan and early morning showers.

English Curse is a poem of King William’s rise to power. No music, just his voice. A very strong and powerful story that shows of his voice.

One Foot Before The Other is his way of getting into everybodys blood and living through them forever. A shockingly clever and well thought-out rock song. With the solos and catchy basslines, it’s hard not to like this song.

As long he has food and clothing, Frank Turner will be happy. If I Ever Stray is about struggling to keep women and not being there for his friends enough. But at least he’s apologising and asking to be put on solid ground again.

Reminicing about good times as a teenager drinking on the streets with friends, Wessex Boy is a heart-warming mellow song that makes you think of your own town and leaves you wanting to pick up the phone to an old friend.

Nights Become Days is a song about escaping the early mornings in London and curing the hangover. A very deep and slow song that is much different to the rest of the album.

We’ve all wrote a song in our head while walking listening to our iPod in winter. Well this is the step further, remembering and writing it down, putting musix to it and recording it. This is a multi-emotion song, hopping from slow and mellow to fast and strong. Redemtion is a clear favourite of this album.

And we come to a close, we’re left with one song that is sure to leave a big fuck you to those who preach to Frank. He says on stage before this song that he means no offence and believes you have the right TO believe whatever you want, but if you preach to him, when he has the microphone, you’ll bloody well listen. Glory Hallelujah is an upbeat hymnn-like song about ‘imaginary beasts’ and ‘phantoms.’ A brilliant end to a brilliant album.

I hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of Frank Turner in 2012.

Follow Frank Turner on Twitter (@fthc) and check out his backing band ‘The Sleeping Souls’



One response to “REVIEW – Frank Turner ‘England Keep My Bones’ Album”

  1. Karen @ Blazing Minds says :

    Brilliant and well written review Dan, maybe I should give you a job on the Blazing Minds blog as music reviewer 😉

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